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XAMPP and WordPress

Postby ccp » 23. December 2004 19:58

I'm trying to install WordPress (http://wordpress.org) onto my computer, but in the middle of installation, MySQL randomly disconnects itself (the entire command window closes by itself). I've gone into phpMyAdmin and checked that MySQL and PHP are both activated before running the install file. Does any one know any reasons why MySQL would suddenly sever the connection??
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Postby chuyskywalker » 23. December 2004 20:23

Not sure what that exact problem is but I think that WordPress might still have issues with PHP5. Check into that (maybe using 4.3 will work better)
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Try Krang (it's perl)

Postby chanio » 27. December 2004 03:13

:lol: Hi,
Why not trying a perl one?
This is the best, and it is said that it is the easiest!
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Possible Solution?

Postby nrackliffe » 01. January 2005 09:17

I think I may have found a solution to this problem. It appears that MySQL defaults to the UTF-8 character set and WordPress is expecting the DB to be in latin1. I was having the same problem, but changing the character set of that DB to latin1 and fixed it. WordPress also didn't tell me what the admin password was (autogenerated) but the WP forums had a hint on resetting the admin password.
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