Random "Page Not Found"

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Random "Page Not Found"

Postby lbenzo » 19. December 2004 02:16

Hello All!

I've two Windows 2003 Servers with XAMPP 1.4.10a, and one PHP application each one (with MySQL).

All is working, except for "Page Not Found" errors that appears randomly while working with the apps. Then, if you refresh (F5) in IE, it works fine. It occurs several times on a day, and it is very annoyance.

The apps are using sessions, but they are working OK even after the Page not found errors.

In Linux as server, all works fine.

I've been testing a lot, but I continue with the same issue.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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Postby taustin » 20. December 2004 19:01

I've seen similar problems on one machine I tested Apache (not Xampp) with PHP and MySQL on. I never really proved what was up, but I'm pretty sure it was simply that the computer in question wasn't up to running everything that was running on it (which included another mail server and IIS). I suspect it was not enough memory.
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Why have Apache and IIS

Postby eXcalibur_lk » 05. January 2006 01:20

Why would you have Apache and IIS running, this could be the cause.

It is not a good idea to have 2 web server applications running on the same machine.
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