A few questions, please help.

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A few questions, please help.

Postby Gabe » 01. December 2004 23:17

Hi all, I love the software, I just installed it, I have my php-nuke site up, just with port 80 closed so its only accessably by the network, I have to change the passwords, this is where I need help, what are the passwords I need to change, and how to I change them? also I'll probally need to edit another file to tell it the new passwords. Another question I have is when I installed XAMPP by default its listing 5 databases in PhpMyAdmin, my site is going to be in php-nuke so I just decided to upload the nukesql tables file to the "cdcol" database, it works fine, but Iam not sure if thats what I was supose to do or what, I dont see a guide anywhere :( Anyway, please help me out. Thanks in advance. :)
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