pear installation

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pear installation

Postby spritch2 » 30. November 2004 22:29

i'm using xamp version 1.4.9, how do i install pear? in xxamp/php there is pear.bat and go-pear.bat, which one is it?

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Postby spritch2 » 01. December 2004 04:52

ok, tried both pear.bat which displays the error

php_pear_install_dir is not set correctly
please fix it using your environment variable or modify
the default value in pear.bat
the current value is:
echo is off


and go-pear.bat which appears to work exept for a couple of errors right at the end regarding the windows temp file

any ideas? i'm using win98

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Postby Dave_L » 01. December 2004 16:06

I thought PEAR was already included? There's an xampp/php/pear directory with lots of stuff in it.
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