Mono in XAMPP

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Mono in XAMPP

Postby alan.battersby » 29. November 2004 19:17

I would like to use xampp apache with mono to look at .NET. I pulled down the apache mono module source from
and tried to make it but all I got was errors.

I have cygwin installed as a subdirectory of apachefriends. I placed the mono source directory as a subdirectory of xampp. so my setup is

-->... apache etc ...

Config seems to want to put things in /usr/local which cannot be correct. Also it needs to know where apxs and apr-config is. I supplied these to configure with relative path ../apache/bin. I ran ./configure which generated a make file but with a strange configuration summary

Installation prefix = /usr/local !! I need to change this but to what??
Apache version = 1.3 !!! what I have the latest xampp install
Apache modules directory = !! nothing here
mono prefix = /usr local

Despite this I tried a make but got lots of compiler errors.
Can anyone tell me if there exists an apache mono module for xampp. If not then any suggestions of how to proceed.


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