xampp backup and restore questions

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xampp backup and restore questions

Postby to_scottc » 18. November 2004 04:36

1) When xampp is installed, does it create any registries in the Windows registry?

2) If I copy and move the c:\apachefriends\ directory to another computer, (assuming the OS is the same and everything in this directory is unchanged), would xampp still be functional by using the xampp basic start?

3) If in the new computer, the harddrive letter is D instead of C, which files in xampp should I modify so that apache, mysql, mail client, etc will now be looking up files in D drive?

4) In the readme, it tells that in order to remove xampp, just delete the directory. But how to remove the xampp in the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs after I deleted the xampp directory? When xampp is installed, it creates an item in the Add/Remove programs. If I just delete xampp directory, this item still exists and can't be removed since the program no long exists!

In the good old MS-DOS age, moving an application from computer A to computer B is as easy as copying over the directory that the application sits in. In MS Windows, registry files are used and some programs will not work properly when only the directory is copied since registry files may be absent on computer B. In the case of xampp, how does it work?
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