Import DB from MS ACCESS

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Import DB from MS ACCESS

Postby bsp1315 » 17. November 2004 18:26

Hello friends,
Question 1. Is there a way to import from MS ACCESS to MySQL through phpMyAdmin. I did this using other DB tools to MySQL.
Question 2. (Though this is not phpMyAdmin topic) In MS ACCESS the field could have the type "hyperlink". When I import this to MySQL a see it as a MEMO Type. How can I get back hyperlinked fields.
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Postby Wiedmann » 17. November 2004 18:53

When I import this to MySQL a see it as a MEMO Type.

So, you can import your db, how? Why question one?

Questen one: Via a csv export in MS Access.

I think, the better way is to use ODBC.
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