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MySQL table names small caps

PostPosted: 17. November 2004 13:06
by ferris
Dear people,

The problem is the XAMP MySQL installation imports database structures and makes all tables all in small caps, migrating to LINUX makes these false table names: contentAccessMap becomes contentaccessmap in Windows XAMP.
There is an option to run mysqld with case sensitivity but where do i set this variable???
Very much thanx in advance.[/i][/b]

PostPosted: 17. November 2004 13:18
by Wiedmann
In the option file:

No my.cnf

PostPosted: 17. November 2004 13:51
by ferris
It is not there,
there is a "my" alias which doesn't do anything but no "my.cnf"

PostPosted: 17. November 2004 14:13
by Wiedmann
No. "my" is not a real Alias.

a) in Windows is the extension ".cnf" reserved for the RAS-Phonebook.
b) you have configured your explorer to: "not show known extension"

--> Make a "dir" in the command prompt (cmd.exe).


PostPosted: 17. November 2004 14:24
by ferris
Thanx a lot, this was what I needed.
I can now reconfigure the options.

Greets Ferry