Hello from Canada, need help, big time!

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Hello from Canada, need help, big time!

Postby Vermeiren » 12. November 2004 02:03

:lol: :?
I have successfully downloaded apache windows, BUT when I want to start Apache the message that follows is :'' (os-10048) address already in use; make_sock;could not bind to address o.o.o.o.4.43
no listening sockets available, shutting down. unable to open log''

Please please tell me what is wrong? I desperatly need this to work. I am not familiar with the terminology of computer. Please explain in laymen terms.
Thank you so kindly.
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Postby bsp1315 » 12. November 2004 17:42

You have not told anything about your computer. Anyway, You can have a try at this.
Go to START->RUN->in the dialogue screen type in "cmd" without quote->a new console screen will appear with C:\ or whatever and cursor will be at the end->type in "cd C:\WINNT or WINDOWS\system32" without quotes. press enter.
You will see in the next line C:\WINNT or WINDOWS\system32 type in "iisreset.exe/stop". Note the change in slash direction. after few minutes a message will appear "internet services successfully stopped". Close the window. Start your XAMPP. Probably you will be on with this.

Note: The above solution is true if your system is Windows 2000 or XP with IIS server running. If not come out with the system details.
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