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Postby frommel » 06. November 2004 15:54

This is a newby question.. but i'm stuck since 3 days..

Trying to install phpyticket getting the following error

InnoDB is not supported by your mysql server. myPhpTicket requires innodb!

seems easy but...

this solution doesn't work:

To use the MySQL Daemon with "innodb" for better performance,
please edit the "my" (or "my.cnf") file in the /xampp/mysql/bin
directory or for services the c:\my.cnf for windows NT/2000.
In there, activate the "innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:30M"
statement. Attention, "innodb" is not recommended for 95/98/ME/XP Home.

To use MySQL as Service for NT/2000/XP Professional, simply copy the "my"
/ "my.cnf" file to C:\my, or C:\my.cnf. Please note that this
file has to be placed in C:\ (root), other locations are not permitted. Then
execute the "mysql_installservice.bat" in the mysql folder.

anyone out there having an idea how to solve this;

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Postby Wiedmann » 06. November 2004 16:14

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Postby frommel » 06. November 2004 16:59

You are an angel

thanks it works now!
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