Mercury and PHPBB

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Mercury and PHPBB

Postby aklix » 23. October 2004 19:11

Well I've been trying to set up Mercury on our server, but I think I'm doing it all wrong.

I start mercury, we can see the little logo in the status bar, and we set up phpbb2 to SMTP server.

host: localhost
user: admin

When we register a new user, it says it mailed it all nice and fine, but we never get an email.

We enabled non local sending in mercury and thats how we got the above.
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Postby Storm » 23. October 2004 23:45

The password is automatically not yet present, a new user can one under phpmyadmin provide however only for Mysql data base Greeting
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Postby aklix » 24. October 2004 15:51

No it wasn't that I found the problem. My friends ISP was blocking the SMTP outgoing port.
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