Internet connection problem

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Internet connection problem

Postby APForth » 30. January 2021 08:33

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if someone could please help me with an internet connection issue I'm having?

I have Xampp installed and I'm trying to follow a web scraping tutorial, but I can't connect to the internet while viewing pages on localhost so I'm unable to tell if I'm doing things right or not.
I've looked all over for instructions but the only ones I can find are about how to make Xampp accessible from the internet (being able to use Xampp remotely), not the other way around.

I've double-checked that I don't have internet access from Xampp by opening an html page with an iframe on localhost with google as the source, but I get the Chrome 'sad face/no connection' icon.
I've tried changing the 'listen' port name in the httpd.conf file to 8080 as some people have suggested, and tried listening to my IP address, and combinations of the two but nothing seems to work.
I've checked my firewall settings and allowed Xampp through, and made a new rule for it too but to no avail.
It seems like it must be an easy fix but I don't know what to do. :cry:

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!
Thank you for help :)
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