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Postby david911 » 17. October 2004 11:49

This is probably a silly question, but.....

Is it possible to add Sendmail to xampp? I am using a perl-based mail package which relies on Sendmail, and can't seem to figure out how I could get it to work with Mercury Mail.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Postby Maller » 17. October 2004 15:45

Sendmail is only for linux based webservers.
You need blat or something similar, when working with windows.

Tho i recall something about a win32 version of sendmail, but i don´t think it´s freeware.
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Postby david911 » 17. October 2004 15:57

Thank you - blat looks interesting. I can't find sendmail for Windowa anywhere. I sort of thought that it could be made to work with Apache on any platform. Oh well......

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Postby T-Shot » 18. October 2004 08:54

The windows version of sendmail is indogmail,
but it's not freeware.

If you search this forum, there is a topic on this with a link to the website.

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Postby david911 » 18. October 2004 09:31

Thanks - I found indigomail myself this morning! It looks interesting. Mind you, so does Indigoperl, but I can't see how I could incorporate it ito xampp......

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