How to Enable WebSockets in Apache

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How to Enable WebSockets in Apache

Postby JDBell » 02. August 2020 15:05

We have received new Apache agents that apparently require the use of WebSockets to phone home. Specifically the install guide states:

*"Apache HTTP server requires the proxy_wstunnel_module for proxying the WebSocket protocol"*

I'm familiar with WebSockets from a conceptual standpoint, but can't find any instruction on how to enable/config them in an Apache environment.

Any insight and or reference links much appreciated.
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Re: How to Enable WebSockets in Apache

Postby Nobbie » 04. August 2020 09:30

Usually you simply have to include the appropriate module in httpd.conf (edit the file, you will find multiple examples of included modules), BUT i dont know whether Xampp delivers a module for wstunnel. If not, you cannot activate it (unfortunately). In that case try to install another Apache distribution, which comes with wstunnel.

You will be more successfull in a linux environment than under Windows, as Apache is developed under linux and many distributions come with Apache. Its also easier to build Apache and modules from scratch (compiling source).
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