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Is there a way to install the latest xampp with MySQLi

PostPosted: 19. July 2020 05:51
by CougarB
I'm sorry, but I've had a large project that I've worked on all my life, always thinking I would find a partner to do the computer programming part. I'm 69 years old and I now have to do it myself. (As a writer, I've created an extremely well edited version of the curriculum that will be presented through both the apps and the navigation system and the websites that they linked to. As a visionary, writing this project of over a million words seemed to be my area of expertise before I realized that I have to also do the programming.)

In the last 10 years, I've created an online navigation system and six standalone apps, and I have around 350 to 400 more apps to go. Currently, the navigation system is run with PHP and MySQLi, and although it's old code, I'm currently studying at my highest level to try to get enough knowledge to drive all of my 400+/- apps from my database — which is already set up with the navigation system. None of my current standalone apps — written in JavaScript and jQuery — are wired to the database.

I noticed that I am not allowed to install the latest XAMPP with MySQLi. Meanwhile, I am using the Pluralsight and Udemy 40 hours a week to upgrade my skills so that I can do the work of combining my database navigation system — which I currently have plans to upgrade so that it more effectively personalizes the search and navigation system available to my future users to provide them with many more options — as well as recording their previous choices as part of their navigation through all 400+/- apps.

Can anyone point me to directions to install MySQLi on my laptop so that it matches the database that's already on my website with part of the work done. (In addition, I don't seem to be able to get tomcat to work.)

Re: Is there a way to install the latest xampp with MySQLi

PostPosted: 19. July 2020 08:21
by CougarB
In one of my Pluralsight courses, I had downloaded — and I thought that I had properly installed — the latest JDK, but when I went to look for it in the Windows directory, I couldn't find it. In addition, it was not in my register. So although I could get it to work in accordance to the course that I had initially installed it for, it was properly installed. Now, my only mystery is where did I put that original JDK?

However, I found another source of the XAMPP at: This has the same version as the one that I downloaded from Apache Friends, but it had MySQLi instead of MariaDB. So I found a source of a different version of XAMPP, and I also figured out what was wrong with tomcat, and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Not bad for someone who's just a writer — and definitely not a developer.

Re: Is there a way to install the latest xampp with MySQLi

PostPosted: 19. July 2020 08:41
by Altrea
There are no differences between the softonic and the official xampp versions. Both versions contain MariaDB as Database Management system, both versions have MySQLi as PHP database driver interface enabled.