Lost, corrupted database, how to fix/ prevent Windows 10 iss

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Lost, corrupted database, how to fix/ prevent Windows 10 iss

Postby Lord-Xanthor » 17. July 2020 02:48

I just registered so I can post about a well known issue that has been going on and to let others know who have the same problem, and how to fix it. This past week my data base has either vanished or gotten corrupted, requiring me to restore from backup and losing a days work. I lost count how many times I came here just to read up how to fix my database but at the time had no clue to why it was happening in the first place. As it turns out, turned out to be a windows update issue. You see, I just rebuilt a new system using a 1tb nvme drive so installed Xampp to it due to its very fast read write speeds. After an update, things just went to pot. The cause? Simple. Windows during one of its many updates took control of the server folder and bumped me as being the owner and changed ownership to administrator's. Whats worse, half the sql files got changed to read only so the server was unable to write to half the sql files, which resulted in the lost or corrupted tables. Even though I did not install to a program folder, this happened. To fix it, I right clicked properties on the main xampp folder, then selected security, then advanced. Here it showed how I was no longer the owner, and here is where I selected advance again and searched myself up. After selecting myself as owner, I checked off both boxes so this would apply to the main folder, and all inner folders and files too. Once I hit apply and all was done, closed the tab and once more opened a properties one more time. I then unchecked read only and selected all inner files and folders as well. Since I have done this, I have had no issues. Hope this helps.
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