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phpMyAdmin privileges problem

PostPosted: 12. July 2020 17:24
by jac daniel
Hi, if I click on my database name in myphpadmin then choose privileges tab, i get a message at the top - 'You do not have privileges to administrate the users!'. Also the option to 'edit privileges' under Grant has disappeared, so I can't go in and change the password of the database.

My wp-config.php file has a totally different DB_NAME, DB_USER & DB_PASSWORD than the myphpadmin login; don't know if i'm confused there??
I've noticed that these myphpadmin login credentials are from an older login set that I created in an earlier wp-config.php file that I've since overwritten - hence a different DB_NAME, DB_PASSWORD & DB_USER.

Strangely I managed to install and get right into Wordpress. It went straight to the Wordpress login and email details page and skipped the prior screen where it would normally ask you for database name, username, password, database host and table prefix- I guess that's where the wp-config.php file corresponds??

Just want to ensure that I have global privileges for the default user, and that I won't be security compromised by not having passwords on the database in myphpadmin. I also want to re-enable those edit privileges so it's normal, and therefore be able to change the database password. Confused how the wp-config.php file corresponds with that.

An explanation of this whole thing would be great.

Much appreciate any assistance..