Can't access database after Windows update

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Can't access database after Windows update

Postby Raptor99 » 05. July 2020 00:12

Today I updated Windows, and now I get an "Access denied for user" message whenever I try to open a WordPress site. It was working fine before the update. My current version of Windows 10 (64 bit) is 1903, OS build 18362.900.

I can access the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin, and that still works fine. In the MySQL error log I see a line that says "Starting crash recovery..." but that line also shows up from the times I started MySQL yesterday, when I worked fine. So I'm not sure what that is about. It shows up every time I start MySQL.

The Apache error log has a line that says "AH01909: server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name". That line is also in the log from yesterday when it was working, so no change there either.

I suspect that the Windows update changed something that affects the MySQL user permissions, but I don't know how to fix that. I appreciate any suggestions that anyone has.
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