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Newbie Nees Help Installing pHpBB

PostPosted: 13. October 2004 20:30
by raygk

I am new to XAMPP (lite), PHP, MySQL and pHpBB. I do have a UNIX server with PHP, MySQL and phpBB installed and up (not my installation). But, what I am trying to do is have a server on my machine at home. This is a server I want to use for design and experimental work. I have installed XAMPPlite with PHP, MYSQL, etc. (just downloaded) and it works great. However, I can not install phpBB (the only other installation I have tried to add to XAMPPlite).

When I run the phpBB install process, all I get is a DOS error window that tells me it can not find the files needed for installation. I tried hard coding the dos path into install.php line: $phpbb_root_path = but still get errors.

What I need is to find out, in simple procedural terms (I'm a newbie), how to make the system locate files to open. My directory path looks like:
c:\xampplite\forum\phpBB2\install\install.php. That is, I have added a forum directory to xampplite with phpBB.

Any help is greatly appreciated but please keep it as simple as you can.
What am I overlooking? Can I run this from my home computer without being active on the internet?

Oh, and I don't speak German!


PostPosted: 14. October 2004 12:10
by Multiplex
Hi !

You must put your install dir of phpBB into C:/xampplite/htdocs

You can only change the documentroot directory in the httpd.conf in your apache/conf ligne 313, 338

Good luck

PostPosted: 16. October 2004 20:42
by raygk
Thanks very much for the information. I am slowly getting to learn my way around. Maybe I'll get it all working as I want on my home computer yet! :D

Thanks again.