Keyboard shortcuts driving me crazy...

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Keyboard shortcuts driving me crazy...

Postby iain » 11. October 2004 22:20


Since I installed xampp (which I think is awesome) my keyboard shortcuts have been changed. :(

Everytime i press [shift+control+z] the xampp directory opens on my file browser. this is really annoying as these are the shortcuts for nearly all other applications for the 'redo' command. ie photoshop, freehand, dreamweaver etc.. :?

is there any way of changing it on xampp, I'm not changing my preferences on all my other applications.. no way..

thanks :)
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Postby Hanspeter Thöni » 12. October 2004 09:15

This is a shortcut in the link on the start-menu


edit the link and remove the shortcut.

(sorry for my bad english)
Gruss Hanspeter
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Hanspeter Thöni
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Thank you

Postby iain » 12. October 2004 20:58

Legend, :D
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