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xampp ip

Postby stefanos01 » 31. March 2020 19:42

good evening people.well i bought a dns from go daddy and i couldnt use it because when i put my local ip on dns i have to put the destination's folder of my website..i did a folder on htdocs and i installed wordpress in there..godaddy operator told me to contact xampp and tell them to give me an ip!
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Re: xampp ip

Postby Altrea » 31. March 2020 19:53


I moved your thread to the english section of the board. I don't know why it might be so difficult for some users to see that some forums here are German only language...

stefanos01 wrote:godaddy operator told me to contact xampp and tell them to give me an ip!

Good joke. XAMPP cannot give you any IP address, it is your ISP that give you public accessible ip addresses.

You are trying to use XAMPP in environments which are out of scope of support here. XAMPP is not designed for public accessible environments or as live or production webserver stack. It's an offline debug and test stack only.

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