issues with installation of phpBB3 on webserver & XAMPP

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issues with installation of phpBB3 on webserver & XAMPP

Postby unleash_it » 16. February 2020 22:55


due to some issues with a installation of phpBB3 on a webserver - i got errors

cf: ... try2412811

Installed xampp (version 1.8.2 ) on my win-7 notebook and started it

all runs well - xampp runs

put a new version 3-3-0 to the folder board:

but see what i got back:


no phpBB installation, is visible - not even this http://localhost/xampp/install/phpinfo.php

what goes wrong here!?

btw: here some insights into the issues that i have with the instalation of phpBB 3.3 on a server - that runs php7-.2.xy
i got errors in the logs
Code: Select all
Cannot open source device

That's the error message.

Code: Select all

And that's the function which triggers it.

In your new site, this is the error message:

Code: Select all
Cannot open source device

And this is the function that triggers it:
Code: Select all
random_int(0, 35)

sic: PHP cannot generate random data. It generates a random session ID when starting a session, which is why the error happens with session_start.

i have to clear up two things

a. what goes wrong on the webserver!?
b. what goes wrong on the xampp!?

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Re: issues with installation of phpBB3 on webserver & XAMPP

Postby gsmith » 26. February 2020 06:17

Did you think to look at phpbb's requirements? ... uirements/

* PHP 7.1.3+ with support for the database you intend to use.

Xampp 1.8.2 has PHP 5.4 in it. Try Xampp 7.1.31-2 (last Xampp version with PHP 7.1 in it).
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