can't download xampp

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can't download xampp

Postby charlzguitarz » 17. November 2019 04:37

download unsuccessful - antivirus error. Took hours to remove mcafee connect(which I didn't install) and I can't figure out how to remove AVG(which I also didn't install). Any help?
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XAMPP version: win32-7.2.11-0-vc15
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Re: can't download xampp

Postby Nobbie » 17. November 2019 12:21

Ask in a Windows forum how to de-install Antivirus, as this is not a Xampp issue. Its a false warning from the antivirus tool. Because, even if you succeed to download Xampp, the Antivirus software would (falsely) prevent to install it. Keep in mind that Windows10 comes with its own "defender" and you can switch on/off virusprotection in the Windows Setup.

I switched to Linux years ago and dont have any antivirus issues anymore. Maybe you should think about switching over to Linux as well.

Last not least, where did you download Xampp? You MUST NOT use any different source than the official downloads at Bitnami (and Sourceforge):
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