Xammp and Mutillidae

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Xammp and Mutillidae

Postby avm31982 » 26. October 2019 01:23

I am trying to setup a penetration testing lab and I have installed Windows 2008 Server (via Metasploitable) with Xammp. I have installed Mutillidae, but I cannot get Xammp to start services, it keeps telling me the ports are in use and changing the ports in configuration has not done anything. Can someone help me set this up please? I'm a total newb!

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Re: Xammp and Mutillidae

Postby marialp » 29. October 2019 15:37

hi avm31982,

I do not know anything about Mutillidae or how it may affect other running applications but I can try to help getting Xampp going.

First changing the ports in the services page is not going to help because this only changes the XAMPP values of the service ports and not the related applications (say the Apache configuration), you would need to do this manually. Hopefully this is not required.

When you say you cannot start services. Do you mean you cannot start any services (Filezlla, Mercury, Tomcat?) of that you cannot start Apache?

The first thing I would do is to identify what is listening on the ports it is complaining about. This is usually port 80 for apache.

If you are running XAMPP applications as processes
You can do this by clicking the NetStat button in the XAMPP Control Panel. http.exe is apache

If you are running as services (you can only run the applications as services if you start XAMPP with adminsitrative privileges)
Click the Services button. apache2.4 is the name of the service.

At this point I would use Task Manager to kill the related processes (note that there are two) and try to start Apache in XAMPP again.(providing the processes are not something else I actually want running in my machine).

Let us know how you got on.

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