Unable to install XAMPP services

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Unable to install XAMPP services

Postby nasir9611 » 24. October 2019 05:40

I am currently using XAMMP v3.2.4 and i need to install apache and mysql service. I was able to install these on pervious tries by running xampp-control.exe using Run as Administrator and then marking the service check boxes. But now i am unable to mark those check boxes. I also tried using command line to run xammp-control.exe but nothing changed.

I also tried executing the myslq.exe located in mysql\bin but it prompts an access denied error.

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Re: Unable to install XAMPP services

Postby Nobbie » 24. October 2019 11:53

You should apply a valid MySQL User and Password on the command line. For any reason, your mysql.exe takes "Dell" as User (you should know what you changed in your environment, is there anything you set to "Dell"?). But anyway, override the Username by passing a valid Username. In a new Xampp installation, the only valid user is "root" without password:

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mysql.exe -u root

If you need to apply a password, use option -p. ATTENTION: there MUST be a space between option "-u" and the username, but there MUST NOT(!) a space between option "-p" and the password:

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mysql.exe -u username -ppassword
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Re: Unable to install XAMPP services

Postby marialp » 24. October 2019 12:42

Hi Nasir9611.
I run mysql.exe on the command line and apache was not running and I got this message even though everything is working fine in my installation so I do not think this is related to your problem.

When reporting an issue you are much more likely to get a resolution if you give sufficient information to enable forum users to diagnose the problem.
Altrea has a very helpful post about providing sufficient information in the Q&A section of this forum.
To make this easier here is a simplified template that you can copy and fill in
(taken from Altrea´s list)

XAMPP Version: for example 3.2.1 o the installer version for example 7.3.10_1
XAMPP Installation path:for example C:\xampp
Configuration changes since installation:For example JAVA upgrade
Issue report:
1- I did bla bla
2- I expected bla bla
3 - I got bla bla
XAMPP control panel log: This is the contents of the window in the control panel, it starts [main] Initializing Control Panel
Relevant error log/s (the content): For example C:\xampp\mysql\data\mysql_error.log

It also would help if you state whether you can apache and mysql OK as applications (instead of as services)
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