A nightmare: upgrading from version 3.2.1 o parallel install

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A nightmare: upgrading from version 3.2.1 o parallel install

Postby PuZZo » 09. October 2019 22:15

It was august 2015 when I installed my current XAMPP 3.2.1 in my dev machine, running Apache 2.4.12, MySQL 5.0.11-dev and PHP 5.6.11 (this maybe I managed to upgrade manually later, dun remember)

But now the time has come to try and update all the shack to the latest since Wordpress won't update to the 5.2.3 if PHP is not al teast 5.6.20. I tried to update it manually to 5.6.40 but this time I failed with a php_curl.dll error something.

Since I have 4 and more years of vhosts and databases scattered around and it would be way too risky to launch an automatic upgrade and if it fails, I'm stucked and I cannot basically work,

My question is, can XAMPP be installed in parallel to the current configuration, maybe under c:\xampp2\ with its services listening on different ports during setup and not interfering with my legacy installation and services under c:\xampp ?

Thank you
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Re: A nightmare: upgrading from version 3.2.1 o parallel ins

Postby Altrea » 09. October 2019 22:34

Yes you can. Use the zip version for this.
extract it to a folder you desire and run the setup_xampp.bat script to update the paths.

If you are using windows services to run your current XAMPP components, you need to change the service names in the control panel configs menu.

Then you need to change the ports, mainly the Apache and MariaDB ports. Search the Apache config files for 80 and 443, Do the same with mariaDBs my.ini file. Change all the ports in the XAMPP Control panel too to fix the prechecks.

At the end you need to take care of your webapplications running on the new ports.

good luck
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Re: A nightmare: upgrading from version 3.2.1 o parallel ins

Postby Nobbie » 10. October 2019 11:20

With the help of "VirtualBox" you can also install as many virtuell PCs on your PC as you like to have, each can have its own Xampp installation.
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