Apache/MySQL as Windows services

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Apache/MySQL as Windows services

Postby scw » 08. October 2019 19:02

Recently used Xampp to set up a Windows 10 machine and would now like to have Apache and MySQL run as a Windows service automatically on boot up. A tutorial had me run shell:start and drop shortcuts to Apache and MySQL into the directory that shell:start took me to (I assume this is familiar to you all, else I'll spell it out).

The Apache shortcut is httpd.exe (don't recall where I got that) and I made a shotcut of mysql.exe, thinking that appropriate. Result...

On boot up (1) Apache: an empty black MS-DOS level command screen comes up and stays up for httpd.exe. Apache is running (per Xampp control) but if I close the screen, Apache dies, (2) MySQL, the black screen comes up but quickly disappears and MySQL is not running in Xampp Control.

I'm hoping simply to see both running in Xampp control with no residual black screens. Anyone see what I've done wrong?

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