Xampp horribly slow

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Xampp horribly slow

Postby matti_ » 08. October 2019 10:08


I have been a new user of Xampp for the past few months. Everything went super well. No problem at all.

Now, I noticed that everything is incredibly and horribly slow. Before it was loading everything quick but now it takes a lot of time to load. I use Xampp to develop my websites locally with WordPress. Today I didn't even succeed to update the version WordPress.

Can you please tell me what are the solution to make it go as fast as it was before ?

I have to mention that except installing Xampp and Wordpress, I never touched to anything in the code that could explain that Xampp became so SLOW to load. I don't understand at all why it can run normally fast and be now so very slow.

Any hint and help, PLEASE ?

Thanks in advance

A desperate user of Xampp :oops:
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