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Getting Started

Postby p4i2p0e » 29. September 2019 22:44

So I installed and started XXamp with no problem. I downloaded wordpress and created a webpage. I published it. Now, How do I make it available to the public and what is (or how do I find) the address to visit the site from another persons device?

If you can't tell, I am green as green can be so please be nice...
Any point in the right direction would be amazing... even links to tutorials that cover this topic.... (hopefully in laymans terms)

Thank you ahead of time.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby JillC » 07. October 2019 05:21

Xampp is used for development. You set up your wordpress and test it out. Once you're happy with it, you migrate it to a an account on a server of a hosting company. So, you have to purchase a hosting account, purchase a domain name, then install a plugin on your wordpress site which will clone and migrate your site to your new hosting account. There are a number of plugins you could use for this (try Duplicator, or Updraft amongst others). Alternatively, if you haven't done much customisation of wordpress, just ask the hosting company to set up wordpress on your account and then re-do your customisations on the live site.

Hope that helps.
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