Is there any MySQL CRUD app available to install in XAMPP

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Is there any MySQL CRUD app available to install in XAMPP

Postby Neluv » 29. August 2019 11:53

Hello, XAMPP newbie here. Looking to have a CRUD so me and other users can create, list, modify and delete MySQL data.
I know almost nothing about coding (just some html and php) so I'm trying to find a solution that doesn't involves coding.
I've tried but even after a perfect installation, there are some things that won't work. Form Tools is amazing
and it's probably my fault but I can't get it to work properly.

I'm looking for something like that, but I know very little about XAMPP since I've been away from this side of IT for a while.
It's there maybe something similar to Form Tools using Wordpress in my XAMPP server o something like that?

If there's no open source solution for this, I'll learn some php and follow a guide to code a CRUD, but that would take a while and even tho I wan't to learn coding,
I would like to have this working ASAP.

If you need more info please ask me I'll be happy to reply.

Thanks you,
have a good day.
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Re: Is there any MySQL CRUD app available to install in XAMP

Postby Altrea » 29. August 2019 15:10


Every database driven webapplication is a type of CRUD application. So i hope you see CRUD is nothing you can achieve with a generic application. The whole topic is much more complicated.
There are some php scaffolding application available. Maybe they can fit your needs. phpmyadmin is also some type of CRUD.
The best way is always to write your own application because you are knowing best which needs you want to fit.

best wishes,
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Re: Is there any MySQL CRUD app available to install in XAMP

Postby Nobbie » 30. August 2019 09:59

I found some PHP based Frameworks for creating CRUD database applications. I tried none...

TYPO 3 Flow

Simply google for these. Maybe one of these fits your needs.
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