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How do I setup SSL?

PostPosted: 28. August 2019 10:57
by erichuff
Hi all,

How do I setup SSL so that it shows my own settings? Currently, the cert is the one that came with XAMPP. I have tried the file that generates the SSL cert under the Conf directory, but it didn't work. Could some one give me instructions on how to create a cert?

Re: How do I setup SSL?

PostPosted: 28. August 2019 13:25
by Nobbie
If you need "real" trusted SSL (and not only localhost) for a hosted Domain, you need to get a Certificate by an official registrar. "Lets encrypt" delivers trusted Certificates for free.

If you like to generate your own (untrusted) SSL, you should explain more precisely what you mean by "didnt work". Anyway, you have to apply that SSL credentials (Pathnames) into the Apache Configuration (i.e. httpd-ssl.conf), in order to assign that SSL to a certain Host. Keep in mind that most browsers do not like untrusted SSL certificates, some of them strictly deny to use https for untrusted certificates.