PROBLEM Mysql tables crashing after each XAMPP restart

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PROBLEM Mysql tables crashing after each XAMPP restart

Postby nachos » 23. August 2019 13:58

XAMPP version: 7.3.7
Operating system Windows 10

Each time when I restart XAMPP random mysql table crashes. I tried repairing it with commad I found "mysqlcheck -u root --databases mysql --auto-repair --use-frm" and it works, but each restart same thing happens.
I also tried restoring tables from backups. Same thing, it does it job repairing it, but when i restart server another table gets corrupted.

Video here

Im dealing with this problem for weeks and wasted many hours trying to prevent that from happening. Btw this is happening on both of my PCs.

My questions are:
What can I do to fix it?
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a proper way to exit mysql server?
If this isn't my or my computer's fault what version of XAMPP is free from this problem?
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XAMPP version: 7.3.7
Operating System: Windows 10

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