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ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 14. July 2019 19:04
by bob77
8) hi there...i'm a noobs on xampp..
my problem is taht one : i got a php program that work fine when i upload it on my server.. :P
but when i use xampp,(my file is rightly copied in htdocs folder..), i start apache and mysql, call localhost under my navigator, my php program apear but it's in error.. :cry:

i suppose i forget to configure something :mrgreen: ...can you help ?

thanks for all..

Re: ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 15. July 2019 04:44
by Altrea

Which error?
You need to explain everything as detailed as possible if you want to have a chance that we are able to identify issues remotely.

Best wishes,

Re: ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 15. July 2019 17:10
by bob77
yes..shure ! i'm sorry..

i got a form with options that people can select (easy one ) look:
here's what it done on my web server. :P

but when i use xampp, i got this :

i can eaven not select anything...nothing works correctly.. u think it's a problem config ? :?: :?:

Re: ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 15. July 2019 17:15
by Altrea
That is because your script relies on a specific php setting "short_open_tag" to be on.
But in the php recommendation (as in the xampp php settings) short_open_tag should be set to off.

Re: ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 15. July 2019 19:24
by Nobbie
As i dont think, that you can read and understand PHP scripts, there is no other option than changing php.ini.

Edit php.ini and search for "short_open_tag". Edit that line and change it to:

Code: Select all
short_open_tag = On

FInally save php.ini, then restart Apache. After then your script *should* work. Yes, its not recommended to use that option, but in case you dont have any PHP knowledge, there is no better solution.

Re: ftpperso and xampp

PostPosted: 19. July 2019 22:08
by bob77
:wink: thank you seems to work rightly...
i've got severals Undefined variables unrecognised by xampp and alphanumerique chartersnot right like "é" :?
...but it seems to be good...