xampp with mangodb

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xampp with mangodb

Postby daneram20 » 08. July 2019 03:46

Each time we have to set xampp with Mango db.
It is time of NoSQL(Not Only SQL) which is used for big data and cloud applications.
Kindly release a official xampp with mangodb
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Re: xampp with mangodb

Postby Altrea » 08. July 2019 05:24

Why not PostgreSQL? Or Oracle? Or MSSQL?

XAMPP wanted to implement the most famous webserver components and that is still MariaDB/Mysql from database site of view.

But feel free to extend XAMPP with any component you miss. We cannot implement all of them.
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Re: xampp with mangodb

Postby Hicky06 » 12. July 2019 11:28

Hi there,

daneram20, do you know a good data modeling tool for mango db ?

Thank you
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