SQL Issues when none typed

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SQL Issues when none typed

Postby foreverlearning » 24. June 2019 16:08

Hello Experts

Today is my first day, I was finally successful in getting localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/ with dashboard, but as I tried to map the database, I see two issues, I need help

1. While I went to my "PhpMyadmin", a weird SQL error is persisting me and I haven't written a single line, this issue started after I clicked the SQL tab and the Edit takes me to empty character in the SQL tab and I get different SQL errors in different tabs.

Example in SQL tab:
SELECT `CHARACTER_SET_NAME` AS `Charset`, `DESCRIPTION` AS `Description` FROM `information_schema`.`CHARACTER_SETS`

1143 - SELECT command denied to user 'mysql.infoschema'@'localhost' for column 'default_collation_id' in table 'character_sets'
and edit points to the empty space as not a single SQL command is written

I have below the dash board various other errors, please can you help me to quickly sort out these so that I can learn SQL better.

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