Possible bug after installing

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Possible bug after installing

Postby dafaher » 14. May 2019 15:34

Hello community, I wanted to report a small inconvenience with the latest version of Xampp. The problem is that after installing it I noticed that the corresponding folder in the start menu's programs list wasn't created. That is, the only way I had to access the program was going to C:\xampp\xampp-control and creating a shortcut by myself.

On the other hand, I always had Xampp pinned to home, and in previous updates the program automatically appeared in the position I had chosen, but this time it didn't (that space is empty). I don't know if this happened to someone else, but I installed it twice with the same result and I thought I should let you know. However, the program seems to work correctly.
Thanks in advance for reading, and I'm sorry for my English, it's pretty rusty.
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