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Keep settings

Postby erfried » 07. May 2019 18:29

Since it is not allowed installing in an used old XAMPP directory what is the most convenient way keeping the settings - most complicated ones are to get the includes right,
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Re: Keep settings

Postby Nobbie » 08. May 2019 09:55

erfried wrote:most complicated ones are to get the includes right,

Why?? Do you include with absolute pathnames? I never had any problems with my includes (like: include "file.php" or include "subfolder/file.php"), no matter which is the server root. Anyway, its not suggested to "overinstall" Xampp over an old installation, rename the old installation (i.e. move c:/xampp to c:/xampp.old or similar) and finally install the new version into c:/xampp. You may copy files from xampp.old to xampp if needed.
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