Failed to read session data & Failed to start application

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Failed to read session data & Failed to start application

Postby stefanaalten » 24. April 2019 16:17


I have installed XAMPP 7.3.4 and get an error (probably a Joomla error but hoping it's something people might recognise - I'm also posting this question over the community forum on Joomla)

Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: J:\xampp-7.3.4\tmp) in J:\xampp-7.3.4\htdocs\testenvironment\libraries\joomla\session\handler\native.php on line 260
Error: Failed to start application: Failed to start the session

However, I don't get this error on my XAMPP 7.1.7 installation, where my local site comes up just as it always has.

Further details: WIndows 10 64, running on my laptop, with XAMPP installations on external drive at J:\xampp-7.1.7 and J:\xampp-7.3.4.

J:\xampp-7.3.4\htdocs\testenvironment - I simply copied the testenvironment folder from the 7.1.7 installation and copied it here.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!
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