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Xampp 7.3.3 Issues

PostPosted: 09. April 2019 07:17
by Lynne
I am currently experiencing huge issues with Xampp after installing a new boot drive with Windows 10 and Xampp 7.3.3-1. The UPDATE code is no longer working in my PHP and MySQL is giving me errors for missing Mysqli files. Now I have errors telling me the MySql is refusing connection. Xampp is running and both Apache and MySql are started. I have tried going back to 7.2.16 but am still getting these issues. After 4 days of doing nothing but installing and downloading I am completely frustrated. Please help

Re: Xampp 7.3.3 Issues

PostPosted: 11. April 2019 21:24
by abeltran1973

Did you not back up your entire 7.2.16 XAMPP Folder? If you did all you would need to do is uninstall 7.3.3 removed the C:\XAMP folder, re-install 7.2.16 XAMPP installer, and before starting XAMP, copy old 7.2.16 XAMPP folder content into the C:\XAMMP folder. That should get you back to where you were.