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Timeout problem

PostPosted: 08. April 2019 19:12
by Stl86

I have installed xampp-windows-x64-5.6.40-1-VC11-installer.exe.

It looks like
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doesn't work. I know that there is TimeOut Setting in httpd-default.conf which now is set to 300.
In my last expirience with Apache 2.2 + PHP 5.3.X there wasn't a problem with that.
When I set max_execution_time to 0 or higher than apache it worked (apache 2.2 + php 5.3.x) correctly.

When i did it on the Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6.40 it looks like after 300 sec Apache "executes again" php script.
There is no timeout error but the script never ends.
TimeOut Setting in Apache it's 300.

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file_put_contents('test.txt', 'START ' . date('H:i:s'). "\n\r",FILE_APPEND);
file_put_contents('test.txt', 'STOP ' . date('H:i:s'). "\n\r",FILE_APPEND);

This code never ends.. After 5 minutes (300 sec) there is the new file test.txt with just 'START' line.

Can anybody help me ? In my opinion the PHP setting should have priority.


Re: Timeout problem

PostPosted: 09. April 2019 09:19
by Stl86
I would like to add that if I run script from CMD like php test.php everywthing works OK.

What's wrong with this Apache configuration ?: /

I have noticed that it looks like after run script the script is re execute after 60 sec, and then after 300 sec..
there is no error about timeout.

Re: Timeout problem

PostPosted: 09. April 2019 13:02
by Stl86
I disabled many modules..proxy etc..and still the same :/

Re: Timeout problem

PostPosted: 09. April 2019 14:22
by Stl86
I have installed x86 version instead of 64bit... and it looks now it works OK.
I think it's kind of BUG in 64bit version..