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Uninstalled while Apache & MYSQL services running = Problem

PostPosted: 11. March 2019 10:39
by kean
While tired I did a bunch of stupid things that should not be done.

1. Installed and worked with Xampp 5.6.x which ran fine.
2. Needed to upgrade PHP, and created a new xampp folder /xampp64 where i installed xampp 7.3.x WHILE Services running
3. Facing some problems with running intended sw, I decided to uninstall both the Xampp 5.6.x and xampp 7.3.x WHILE Services running
4. Then I installed xampp 7.3.x on the /xampp

Result :
1. Nor Apache or Mysql, will start ( Message : Port 443 in use by "Unable to get info" with PID 6504!), although ports changed etc.
2. Apache HTTP Servers (4 to be exact) are still visible and running in task manager.
3. After back and fourth troubleshooting I can not get it to work properly.

Any advice is well appreciated.

Re: Uninstalled while Apache & MYSQL services running = Prob

PostPosted: 11. March 2019 11:47
by Altrea
stop and unregister all remaining XAMPP services (in an cmd.exe started with enhanced administrator rights: rightclick -> run as administrator):
Code: Select all
net stop Apache2.4
sc delete Apache2.4
net stop mysql
sc delete mysql

Delete all remaining fragments of previous XAMPP installations.