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Postby neodaemon » 09. March 2019 20:11

I've searched this forum for a while, tried Google search also - specific to XAMPP. I checked YouTube and my own local install. No luck.
I'm trying to determine first if "PHP CLI" is installed with XAMPP 3.2.2.
I suspect it is not because when I navigate via browser to 'test.php' (which contains the simple "phpinfo()' command - the output page does not include any language of "CLI" on it. I get plenty of other detail from PHPINFO() - but nothing of PHP CLI.

I can't find any documentation to help be get PHP CLI working on XAMPP 3.2.2 or to even determine it is indeed installed/enabled.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Altrea » 09. March 2019 22:59

You cannot install PHP without PHP CLI. The command line interface is just a specific way to work with your php.exe in your windows cmd.
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