I need help please with oci8 + oracle 11g

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I need help please with oci8 + oracle 11g

Postby EduardoEs » 07. March 2019 02:27

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, I have been using xampp a few months ago and today I have problems to connect Oracle 11g release 2 with xampp, it tells me that I have problems with the OCIStmtGetNextResult, replace the unused xamp file used all the available versions for download and still I can not connect, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me, I have xampp version 3.2.2 and I use windows 10 pro 64 bits, BD oracle 11g release 2, Instant client 12 I made the steps to connect but I can not, from thank you very much for the help
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