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XAMPP dashboard disappeared

PostPosted: 06. March 2019 17:57
by ferman

I installed today a new version of XAMPP. IIt works fine except for one little thing. After a while without me doing anything the dashboard (the one you get when typing localhost) just disappeared, being replaced by some text (index of/dashboard.) This already happened when I installed my previous version 2 years ago. It does not prevent using of XAMPP but it is ennoying and I would like to understand why this is happening.

Thanks a lot

Re: XAMPP dashboard disappeared

PostPosted: 06. March 2019 18:51
by ferman
OK, I think I understand what happened. I kept the old xampp htdocs with all my data but apparently also with the dashboard. The dashboard is in the folder XAMPP/htdocs/xampp which in my case is empty right? And the index tells me that "Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-(". (like in my previous installation). So is this correct? If yes is it possible to get the file containing the dashboard without downloading again XAMPP? Thanks.

Re: XAMPP dashboard disappeared

PostPosted: 06. March 2019 19:08
by Nobbie
You probably overwrote index.php from the htdocs folder, which usually yields the Xampp dashboard. You dont need to download Xampp again if you did not remove the previous download.

Anyway, the dasboard isnt important at all, its only the Xampp default Welcome page. As you already know, how things are working, simply put your own index.html or index.php into htdocs and you are done. Feel free to put there anything you like. Thats the idea of Xampp.

Re: XAMPP dashboard disappeared

PostPosted: 06. March 2019 20:04
by ferman
Thanks, I figured that out. I already re-downloaded XAMPP on another pc and copied the index and htdocs/xampp (not empty this time) files . I know it is not important as I have been working for more than two years without it but it just ennoyed me.

Re: XAMPP dashboard disappeared

PostPosted: 19. March 2019 14:23
by hateebadja
I recommend uninstalling the previous version of Xampp and removing all the Apache folders and everything in it. After cleaning, reinstall xampp with the new one. Hopefully it works