Alternate xampp path yields configuration errors

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Alternate xampp path yields configuration errors

Postby Harro K » 03. March 2019 19:06

Is anyone else having this problem:
[*] When installing xampp to, for example, xampp73, configurations errors occur. I entered: c:\xampp73 in the installer. Most noticably are the mysql configuration errors (expected mysql in c:/xampp73 but found in c:/xampp). It seems that the name change of xampp to xampp73 are not reflected in all necessarry lines of the configuration files.
[*] When installing in : c:\xampp everything runs smootly.
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Re: Alternate xampp path yields configuration errors

Postby Altrea » 03. March 2019 22:36

Please manually execute the setup_xampp.bat file to update the paths.
Normally the installer would execute the file itself, but maybe it failed in your case.
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