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A mod for Xampp Dashboard

PostPosted: 28. February 2019 17:28
by CarloxGN
Hi all

Some time ago, I developed a single modification added to the Xampp's dashboard.

Normally, when we put our projects in htdocs/ folder, we must go to the browser's address bar and write something like:

http:// localhost/[our project name]

This script list all files and folders inside "htdocs/" directory and you don't need to remember what is your project folder's name, just go to your localhost's url, slice down and select your project's folder, simple! the dashboard page always stays open.

Instruction: download 's files.. overwrite and paste inside the folder "dashboard/" (index.php will be overwritten) that's all. :idea:

I hope you like it and be usefull for someone! 8)