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XAMPP 7.3.1 PORTABLE how to enable sqlite3

PostPosted: 23. February 2019 15:40
by Corsari
Hello to all the community

I have unzipped the xampp in subject

Started it

From XAMPP control panel I launch the shell, then as written into the how to

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cd htdocs

and run this

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sqlite3 test.db

I get this error

"sqlite3 is not recognized as internal or external command"

I went to check from phpinfo and I note this

sqlite3.extension_dir no value no value

though in php.ini I have enabled
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and yes I have nothing for this
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;sqlite3.extension_dir =

is this the problem?

what it shoud be setup for that sqlite3.extension_dir ?

And a little complain: why you say that xampp is sqlite enabled , also confirmed by the ../docs/use-sqlite.html how-to page? And instead we have to modify all of above?

Thank you for any help


Re: XAMPP 7.3.1 PORTABLE how to enable sqlite3

PostPosted: 23. February 2019 20:43
by Nobbie
Corsari wrote:is this the problem?

No. The problem is your really horrible lack of knowledge. If you enter "sqlite" as a command in a terminal, this does not have anything to do with PHP.

You really should go for some tutorials about Apache and PHP (actually there are tons of them out in the WWW), as you definately have no idea how things are working together. Sorry for these very straight words, but its really a pain.

Re: XAMPP 7.3.1 PORTABLE how to enable sqlite3

PostPosted: 23. February 2019 21:30
by gsmith
sqlite3 test.db

To use that command at the command prompt you need the sqlite3.exe file which php does not include. The sqlite3 extension only has the sqlite3 library (think a dll file) compiled into it.

You can get the separate binaries (.exe & .dll) at

Re: XAMPP 7.3.1 PORTABLE how to enable sqlite3

PostPosted: 24. February 2019 07:43
by Corsari
thank you for the confirmation, reading on the sqlite site I got the confirmation an .exe was missing and a quick file search in the whole xampp directory confirmed the absence of that exe

somebody should fix the documentation distributed with xampp


FAQ: Use SQLite with PHP (the FAQ title though is not the best)

it is the page you can click on the HOW-TO about sqlite,
and I suppose the issue will be the same either in the installed xampp (as in subject I'm using the portable ) , at first sight I had the doubt it was something related with portable

the fixed reply could be
Since XAMPP is delivered with SQLite support for php enabled by default, you can read about using SQLite with PHP on the PHP website:

about using SQLite3, you need to manually edit the php.ini file to enable the proper SQLite3 extension and next head to SQLite3 with PHP on the PHP website: and

[SOLVED] XAMPP 7.3.1 PORTABLE how to enable sqlite3

PostPosted: 18. August 2019 14:29
by Corsari
Hello I come back on this topic for the sake of publishing a solution for those that have the problem I faced long time ago (see first post date)

head your browser to

scroll page and goto section
Precompiled Binaries for Windows

download these two .zip archives
- 64-bit DLL (x64) for SQLite version x.xx.xx
- A bundle of command-line tools for managing SQLite database files

create your own sqlite3 directoy, e.g.

I have created a subdir named
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inside my main
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unzip both the .zip archives in that directory

well, now you can google for
edit path variable windows 10

and add a new path, in my case it is
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and there you go, now you can run the sqlite3 commands from windows command prompt

exactly as described in the DEFECTED xampp portable FAQ http://localhost/dashboard/docs/use-sqlite.html