MySQL shutdown vs task kill

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MySQL shutdown vs task kill

Postby gemal » 31. January 2019 14:15

It seems that if I use the XAMPP control panel to shutdown MySQL it just kills the process

The causes my MySQL to take more than 20 minutes to start up the next time.

If I manually shutdown MySQL using fx
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mysqladmin shutdown

my MySQL takes less than 2 minutes to start.

Why do XAMPP do this kill task instead of shutting down MySQL correctly?
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Re: MySQL shutdown vs task kill

Postby JJ_Tagy » 01. February 2019 14:08

The Control Panel was not an official component for XAMPP. It was a user-created component. Not everyone's configuration would be the same. If you add a password to root, you would need to supply the username (if not running on that user) and password. That would just add to the complexity of "plug and play" for many users who change their configuration. This has been highlighted in the forums before - yes, it is better to use shutdown.

You're more than welcome to modify the source and build your own.
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