Removing "Apache Friends" text from emails

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Removing "Apache Friends" text from emails

Postby Igor22 » 21. January 2019 18:23


I am having trouble removing "Apache Friends" text from the emails I send from my gmail account. Each time I send an email in Gmail (either from chrome or firefox) a text is automatically included below my email message. This is how the text looks like:

Apache Friends
HOW-TO Guides
XAMPP Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl
Welcome to XAMPP for Windows 7.1.10

You have successfully installed XAMPP on this system! Now you can start using Apache, MariaDB, PHP and other components. You can find more info in the FAQs section or check the HOW-TO Guides for getting started with PHP applications...

I have tried by uninstalling XAMPP, reinstalling browser, changing password in gmail and none of this helps. This behavior appears only on my laptop, in case I send emails from my phone everything is normal. I have tried to google this problem but haven't had any luck finding someone posting a simillar problem.

Does someone have a clue what could be a cause of this?

Many thanks
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Re: Removing "Apache Friends" text from emails

Postby lubabic » 24. January 2019 13:50

Similar problem here. Using Thunderbird on windows 10. Some incoming messages on all e-mail accounts affected. No text on outgoing though. Sending myself emails (from one account to another) proved to work fine. Not sure if this won't change latter. Apache using different ports from those assigned to mail services/servers. Thought the problem was in add-ons. It isn't.
Pls help.
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