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MySQL crashed

PostPosted: 02. January 2019 21:14
by MastaChu
Hi all!

Im using xampp couple years now and making Joomla based websites, never had any kind of problems since now...
Xampp is running nice but last month Mysql stopped running...
Deleted everything and started fresh new XAMPP, latest version...
Mysql crashed again but after i made 2 fresh websites based on Joomla...

The errors are:

Code: Select all
SQL query: DocumentationEdit Edit

SELECT `comment`
                FROM `phpmyadmin`.`pma__column_info`
                WHERE db_name     = 'autoshop'
                    AND table_name  = ''
                    AND column_name = '(db_comment)'
MySQL said: Documentation

#1932 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma__column_info' doesn't exist in engine

Now im scared, making websites for hunderds hours and they dissapear?
Second thing... how to backup databases if i cant acces from phpmyadmin?

Re: MySQL crashed

PostPosted: 03. January 2019 00:09
by MastaChu
Errors are here: